Leandra Bräuninger


Doctoral Student @ UCL Stats
AI x Health x Equity

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Leandra Bräuninger is a doctoral student researching “Machine Learning for Mitigating Discrimination in Medicine and Healthcare” at the University College London supervised by Dr Brieuc Lehmann and Prof. Ioanna Manolopoulou. Research interests include interdisciplinary approaches to algorithmic fairness, actionable equity, conformal prediction, counterfactual frameworks and causal inference to name a few.

Previously, Leandra held research and/or teaching positions in the areas of statistical fairness in genomics, mathematical malaria prediction, and fundamental biology at the Alan Turing Institute (London, UK), the Mathematical Biology Group at the University of Melbourne (Australia), and the Centre for Active Learning in the Department of Biology at ETH Zurich (Switzerland).

Leandra’s academic degrees in Mathematical Modelling of Global Health (MSc University of Oxford), Data Science and International Relations (BA University of St. Gallen), and work experience in HealthTech startups (Haplo Care, MiData) have led to a keen interest in the intersection of health - equity - technology. More specifically, in AI methods which improve medicine and healthcare for the whole of society (and not just a privileged few). To this end, the focus of the PhD is on the development of new, equitable AI systems with extensive interdisciplinary contextualisation.


Panel Discussion on the ethical implications of AI use in global health at the Geneva Health Forum
Fairness in AI at the Turing-Roche Knowledge Share Event (find the recording here)


presented work at Genomics England Research Summit 2023
conference scholarship for FAccT’22


Lecture on LSTM and RCNN for the MSc Applied AI for Medical Imaging (UCL)

Zertifikatskurs Digitale Inklusion (Universität Wien)

I am open to more teaching and speaking duties at the moment. Do send me an email if you would like me to give lectures or talks.


Uniphy (Founder)

Uniphy is a network of ambitious women+ who support each other’s growth through cross-sectional knowledge sharing and boutique consulting.

DSxHE (Co-Organiser, Theme Co-Lead)

Data Science for Health Equity (“DSxHE”) is a global community that brings together experts and enthusiasts working at the intersection of data science and health inequities to ensure that the latest research and innovations improve health equity. Leandra is a co-organiser of the community working to define its Strategy & Impact as well as a co-lead of the Statistical Methods for Health Equity Theme.

TrueYouOmics (Scientific & Ethics Advisor)

Leandra advises the HealthTech Startup TrueYouOmics on scientific and ethical matters.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if our research interests overlap, if your startup is looking for a research collaborator or scientific advisor or if you are looking for someone to teach or present on the topics of equitable HealthTech.

Email: leandra.braeuninger@gmail.com

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/leandra-braeuninger/

Twitter: @_LeandraBr